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Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

June 30, 2017

Although we’ve experienced belly bloat in one way or another, it’s normal to have a not-so perfectly flat stomach all the time.

And while belly bloat can be a nuisance, especially when trying to fit into jeans, there are numerous ways to avoid it… starting with the food we eat.


Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

Reduce belly bloat with a slice of pineapple. It contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids in digestion by breaking down proteins and reducing the signs of swelling.


Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

Considering there are numerous types of yogurts out there, make sure to choose one with live and active cultures, as these specific probiotics have been proven to move digestion along and decrease bloating.


Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

One of the reasons we experience belly bloat is because of water retention. The best way to combat this is by eating foods that act like a natural diuretic to help your body get rid of excess water. High-protein foods like chicken, Greek Yogurt, fish, eggs, or cottage cheese, decrease signs of bloating.


Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

Celery contains chemicals that help regulate bowel movements, and control intestinal gas, also decreasing fluid retention. It has high water content with a detoxing system that helps cleanse your body from toxins. Aside from celery, you may also opt for cucumber, parsley, and other kinds of leafy greens. Remember, always lean towards cooked veggies than raw ones. Because even if raw vegetables have high water content, it can result in bloating for some people.


Avoid Belly Bloat With These 5 Foods

Salt causes water retention, and one way to prevent this from happening is by eating bananas. Studies show that potassium-rich fruit counters the high levels of sodium, reducing bloat associated with salty foods.

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