A Complete & Sustainable Guide on How To Lose Weight Fast

A Complete & Sustainable Guide on How To Lose Weight Fast

You’ve probably heard a lot of tips and tricks on how to lose weight fast.

But many --- most of them don’t work and some will just leave you hungry and unhealthy.

If you want to drop those extra pounds fast, this complete, easy-to-follow guide will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Creating and following a personalized diet plan

Following the right diet is an essential component of any sustainable weight loss plan. However, diets are no one-size-fits-all. A personalized diet plan is what you need for you to lose weight fast.

Start off by identifying your nutritional requirements, most especially, calories. Know how many calories your body needs for you to function correctly (we don’t want you to looking weak all day). We recommend to base your daily calorie intake on your age, gender, height, and activity level.

After setting up your daily calorie limit, keep a food diary where you can list down all meals, snacks, and drinks, including quantities and amount of calories, that you consume in a week. Doing so will make you more mindful of what you eat.

And to complete your diet plan preparation... It’s time to understand portion control.

Controlling your portions matters a lot when you’re trying to lose weight. Portion sizes help you pay attention to food quantities which can prevent you from overeating. Use common visual cues, like your thumb, fist, or hand, to remind yourself of appropriate serving sizes.

Now that you’re all set, make sure to strictly follow your personalized eating plan.

Exercising on a regular basis

If you really want to lose weight fast, then you have to make time to exercise each day, regardless of your busy schedule.

Don’t worry, exercise doesn’t always have to be lifting heavy weights and doing non stop cardio. Even little things like walking instead of driving, and taking the stairs instead of the lift count too!

Up for some challenge? Combine your daily exercise with other interesting regimen like circuit training, swimming, biking, or even yoga.

Always remember that the best way to exercise is by picking the ones that you’re actually going to do and enjoy.

Using Weight Loss Treatments

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is an effective way to lose weight, but if you’re looking for more immediate results, then you should consider going for a non-invasive weight loss treatment.

There are a lot of non-invasive procedures you can choose from when it comes to losing weight quicker. The best include: Fat freezing, Cavitation, LPG.

For targeted fat reduction, Fat Freezing (CoolTech) is the ideal solution. It’s a popular non-invasive treatment that reduces your fat cells for good, which results in 20-25% (5-7cm) fat reduction in the treated area after just one session.

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For inch loss, you may opt for Cavitation--an effective alternative for liposuction that targets the fat cells in your face, chin, neck, stomach, hips, buttocks, arms and other problem areas. After several sessions, you will achieve a natural-looking and natural-feeling weight loss.

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If you have multiple concerns along with losing weight fast, you may try LPG Endermologie, a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that can tone your body, firm your skin, and reduce cellulite. After 6-10 sessions, excess fat cells from your body will be removed.

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