What To Do After An Anti Cellulite Massage

What To Do After An Anti Cellulite Massage

If you’re one among the 90% of us women who are affected by cellulite at some point of time in your life, then you would’ve tested out or at least hit a google search on the many ways that cellulite can be reduced or gotten rid of, completely!

And if you have read up on the many ways to tackle cellulite, then you would’ve come across anti-cellulite massages, professional or DIY as well as ineffective means like scrubs & cellulite creams.

No doubt, the first thought on your mind would’ve been - How can a massage help get rid of my cellulite?

Well, anti-cellulite massages aren’t your regular relaxation massages that can put you in astate of tranquil. If done by a trained, licensed therapist, anti-cellulite massages can be extremely powerful, rigorous deep tissue massages that can even break down fat cells when combined with other treatments.

Truth is, anti cellulite massages, if done right, with a proper plan can be severely effective in getting rid of cellulite. And it isn’t just the massage itself, but what do you after that matters just as much!


  • Exercise & drink plenty of water .


Drinking water and exercising helps flush off toxin build-up and any broken cells that can speed up the cellulite reduction process. While it may seem trivial, but both exercise and hydration boosts your lymph drainage, which is vital when it comes to cellulite reduction.


  • Take up a procedure to complement your Anti Cellulite Massages


If you’re looking for immediate, long-term results, then speak to your therapist and consider taking up an alternative treatment along with your anti cellulite massage, such as LPGs Lipomassage or a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, that will speed up the process and enhance the results from your anti cellulite massage.

Another factor to take into consideration is the reason behind cellulite. If the cause in excess fat in certain regions, then you might want to take up a spot fat reduction treatment such as Fat Freezing.


  • Plan a entire course of treatments with your therapist


You cannot expect to see your cellulit vanish after just 1 session. Depending on your cellulite, you will have to chart a plan with your therapist depending on your cellulite.

Keep exercising and take up regular anti-cellulite massages till you see the results you desire.

At SlimSpa, we have over 20 years of experience tackling cellulite problems of thousands of women with natural methods like anti cellulite massages and tech-based methods like LPG Lipomassage.

If you’re serious about beating that cellulite once and for all, our licensed therapists are d to have a custom plan for your body. Give us a call at 04 343 7987 to speak to our therapists.

We’re conveniently located in Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

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