Ask The Expert: I Lost Weight, And Now Have Sagging, Loose Skin

Ask The Expert: I Lost Weight, And Now Have Sagging, Loose Skin

Despite losing a massive amount of weight, a lot of people are still unhappy with how their body looks. This is usually because, after shedding a couple of pounds, their body may be lighter but is now being weighed down with folds of sagging skin, causing physical and (sometimes) emotional pain.

Why does skin loosen after losing weight?

The skin is an elastic living tissue that stretches as we grow or shrink. So when we lose weight (especially when we lose it quickly), our skin finds it harder to adapt to the new body shape, causing it to sag. This is even more aggravated when you’re older, have poor nutrition, don’t drink water enough, constantly smoke, or have excessive sun exposure.

How do we tighten sagging, loose skin?

Go slow

When you shed off weight too quickly, you usually end up losing more muscle than fat, causing the skin to sag. Our muscle acts a supportive tissue that glues all the skin onto our body, so it’s important we don’t shock it into losing more weight than necessary.

Be sure to hydrate yourself

Drinking water helps maintain our skin’s elasticity, preventing it from sagging as we lose weight.

Nourish yourself with the right proteins

Collagen and elastin are two ingredients that keep our skin elastic and plump. These two are usually found in protein foods like - cottage cheese, milk, legumes, tofu, beans, seeds, nuts, and fish. The oil in these foods also help contribute to the skin’s elasticity.

Care for your skin

Avoid using soaps, dishwashing liquids, or shampoos that contain harsh ingredients like sulfate. Also, limit sun exposure and chlorinated water as these decreases your skin’s elasticity.

Try skin tightening treatments

Velapro2 is the most advanced body contouring treatment, as it combines the use of radiofrequency and infrared to reshape, tighten, and tone loose skin. The treatment’s usually done by heating the fatty areas on the body, reducing them in size and flushing it out of the body’s lymphatic drainage system.

Beam Lipolysis, a non-invasive body toning treatment and a safer alternative to Liposuction, uses laser activity to contour the treated area, promoting skin contraction.

Both of these treatments come with minimal downtime and discomfort, whilst targeting sagging and loose skin.

We, at Slim Spa, can help you choose the best treatment plan customized as per your needs  - call us on 04 343 7987 to book a consultation.

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