Ate A Lot On Eid? Lose the Extra Weight with Our Eid Weight Loss Program

Ate A Lot On Eid? Lose the Extra Weight with Our Eid Weight Loss Program

August 30, 2018

As we all know, Eid is a great time for family... and food! Sometimes even if you intend not to eat so much, the sheer range of delicacies on offer make it irresistible not to tuck in.

If you have been busy celebrating Eid, you might have noticed some weight gain as a result of the heavy calories some of these dishes possess. So here are some slimming treatments which can help you start to lose those extra pounds straight away.

1. Cavitation

Cavitation uses ultra-sound technology for speedy and effective weight loss. It is a painless technique which has been compared to 'magic' such is its ability to get fast results. You can expect to see a difference of up to 4cm in targeted areas. Cavitation works by using ultrasound to destroy fat cells using a handheld device - these cells are then recycled in different parts of the body. It can take no more than an hour and feels almost like a massage - perfect to kick start your post-Eid fitness regime.

2. LPG

LPG Systems have provided a great new technique for slimming and toning as part of a weight loss program - Endermologie. It is a treatment which helps you to lose fat more quickly and achieve good results when it comes to body shaping, setting you on the road to fitness after Eid is over. It works by reactivating the process for fat release in those areas where your body needs it the most. Using mechanical rollers over the body, collagen is reactivated and firmer, smoother skin can be the end result. It is a non invasive technique which involves no chemicals or unnatural substances.

3. Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic drainage massage helps to stimulate the circulation of the blood while reducing toxins. It can promote water retention, as well as the functioning of the lymphatic system which is important for an immune system which works as it should - this is essential for your body to start shedding the excess pounds gained over Eid. It can target either specific areas or the whole body, depending on an individual's slimming objectives.

So there are just a few ways of taking off those pounds which you gained over Eid - it's time to get back to fitness with a weight loss program!

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