Beware of Cheap Fat Freezing Deals & Offers in Dubai

Beware of Cheap Fat Freezing Deals & Offers in Dubai

June 30, 2019

One of the latest innovations in reducing body fat is to undergo a fat freezing treatment. The proper term is cryogenic lipolysis, and it involves carefully freezing sub-cutaneous fat cells for a period of time using an advanced machine, with the aim of causing the body to reabsorb and remove them. It's a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, and emerged from the discovery that fat cells freeze before skin does. It is particularly popular for its topical potential - you can selectively target fat in certain areas of the body, helping to work on problematic areas like the tummy, thighs or arms.

Does it work?

It is a technique being hailed by celebs and experts alike, and if it is done under the correct conditions, fat freezing cells can truly be the best way to lose weight without going on a restrictive diet and taking up exhausting exercise regimes. However, results can vary from person to person, and if the procedure is lacking then the results will too. It is important that the process is carried out by a professional using a machine that has a proven record of success in administering this treatment.

Beware the fakes

This is where the problem lies. All over Dubai, you will find people offering fat freezing treatments at low prices, promising to get the same results as other clinics at a fraction of the cost. In reality, if something looks too good to be true, that's because it probably is! Anyone offering a cut-price treatment is unlikely to be a true professional, and they are probably administering the treatment with an inferior machine.

There are a number of fat freezing machines on the market that have come from China, and both product testing and experience in practice has shown them to be ineffective. Nevertheless, unscrupulous people will buy them and advertise a fat freezing service to make money, even though they know it won't work. Stories that emerge of failed treatments come from these machines, and they are not representative of the genuine article.

Doing it right

At Slim Spa, we only invest in machines manufactured in Italy. Our Cooltech treatment has a proven track record of success in cryogenic lipolysis, and our experienced professional therapists will always get the best results possible for your body type.

Book our Fat Freezing (CoolTech) treatment at Slim Spa - one of the leading Women’s Slimming Center here in Dubai, by clicking this link or calling us on 04 343 7987.

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