Can a Detox Tea Accelerate Results from Your Weight Loss Treatment?

Can a Detox Tea Accelerate Results from Your Weight Loss Treatment?

Some detox teas are great to incorporate into your lifestyle; they're filled with fat fighting ingredients and they also leave your body feeling fully hydrated. However, have you ever thought about using detox tea alongside a slimming treatment?

Here are three reasons why you should consider combining detox tea and a weight loss treatment if you want faster and more effective results: 

Accelerate results

Cooltech is an advanced slimming treatment that destroys stubborn fat cells which are then naturally expelled by your body. Also known as 'lunchtime liposuction', the non-invasive procedure is relatively painless and will be over in less than an hour; it might take a few weeks to notice any results as it takes the body a lot of time to naturally expel the fat cells. 

However, this is where detox tea would be a useful addition to your lifestyle as the liquids are used to expel toxins (and inactive fat cells) in the body. If you consume these teas after the treatment, you can expect to see fantastic results in a shorter span of time.

Targeted treatment

We've all been there; you eat healthily and exercise every day but no matter how hard you work, stubborn pockets of fat still persist. Detox teas will only take you so far in your fitness goals but they aren't always enough to give you the sculpted look you've always aspired to. Our treatments can be used all over the body and can even target specific problem areas that might have bothered you for some time. Don't give up your teas though, as they will help with overall body weight loss and act as a catalyst for the treatment. 

Long term results

With our fat freezing weight loss treatments, you can expect to see a 25% fat reduction in the treated areas. Best of all, once the fat is gone it won't return to your problem areas as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle; detox teas are an important aspect of maintaining this healthy lifestyle and ensuring that stubborn pockets of fat don't form again. 

If you’re thinking about trying a non-surgical weight loss treatment, come in for a free consultation at our slimming center in Dubai. 

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