Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

There are numerous factors that go into maintaining a healthy weight. And sometimes, failure to do so may be because of other reasons aside from eating too many carbs.

According to research, weight gain and obesity are not only caused by a genetic predisposition or dietary and lifestyle behaviours, but are also affected by modern environmental factors.

So if you’re doing everything right, from dieting to working out, but still can’t shift those stubborn kilos, here are few things that you might need to consider:

You don’t get enough sleep

The US Nurses’ Health Study which tracked 68,000 women found that the less sleep women got, the more likely they were to become obese. This is because, sleep deprivation slows your metabolism and affects your hunger hormones, causing you to increase weight than lose weight.

Do this: At least 2 hours before your scheduled bedtime, put your electronics away (phone, laptop, kindle), and focus on getting a good and uninterrupted sleep. Switch the lights off, and make sure your room air conditioning is just the right temperature. Also, avoid doing any heavy activities, or drinking alcohol, before your scheduled bedtime.

You don’t switch up your meals

Our body requires at least 30 different types of food each week to get all the nutrients it needs. If your diet lacks one nutrient, your body will push you to eat until it meets that need.

Do this: Make sure your diet consists of a good mix of proteins, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes.

You like to eat store-bought protein bars and shakes

Although protein is important to gain lean muscle mass and lose pounds, snacking up on protein bars and shakes aren’t really the healthiest option. Protein bars and shakes contain a lot of allergens, preservatives, and excess sugars that can put your endocrine system into shock and make it harder for your body to lose weight.

Do this: Read the label ingredients on your protein sources carefully, or go for the healthiest and most natural alternative - nuts, beans, chicken, and fish!

You don’t meal prep

Our busy lifestyle and fast food delivery on our finger tips usually dictate what we think our body needs. But we all know, take away food isn’t the healthiest whether it’s labeled “low fat” or “no fat”.

Do this: Prepare different sets of meals before the beginning of the week, and freeze them for later consumption. This helps minimize the time you spend cooking in the morning, and trains you to make healthier and wiser food decisions.

You focus on the calorie count, not on the nutrients

Although portion control is important in every diet, we tend to get too obsessed with how much calories we’re consuming in a day that we overlook the most important aspect of food - nutrients.

Remember, a proper diet always consists of all the nutrients our body needs. Or else, it’ll force our system to eat more than we should, trying to get the much needed nutrients it lacks.

Do this: Focus on quality, not quantity. Choose nutrient-dense foods and nourish your body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in fruit, vegetables, and wholefoods.

If you think exercising and dieting isn’t working out for you, consult our health experts and we’ll recommend you the best treatment and meal plan for your body. Call us on 04 343 7987.

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