Considering double chin removal surgery? Here are other effective options you could try first

Considering double chin removal surgery? Here are other effective options you could try first

June 16, 2019

Although lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise may help to reduce the size of a double chin, in many cases the problem is due to other factors. Age, illness or simply genetics may mean that a double chin persists, despite your best efforts to remove it.

If you feel that enough is enough and are debating double chin surgery, have you thought about some alternative treatments first? Here we consider the pros and cons of surgery, as well as some conservative treatments which could give great results.

Double chin surgery

If done correctly by a reputable surgeon, double chin surgery can give excellent results. There are a number of different procedures which can be undertaken, each of which has the potential to transform a double chin.

Unfortunately, these procedures are relatively expensive and may not be , requiring touch-ups or further work at a later date. It's also only suitable for some patients: the potential for infection or side effects from anaesthesia mean that surgery isn't right for everyone who wants it.

If you wish to consider some non-invasive alternatives which could yield great results, one of these options could help:

  • E-lift: this is a non-invasive technique that's widely sought after. A good alternative to double chin surgery, e-lift has grown in popularity in recent years.
  • CoolTech: literally fat freezing, the CoolTech system utilises cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells in the problem area. Once frozen, the cells are rendered inactive and the body disposes of them along with other waste. Another non-invasive technique, the results of CoolTech are normally visible within a fortnight or so.
  • Eporex Mesotherapy: this technique uses electrical impulses to push active ingredients deep into the tissue, promoting skin elasticity and helping to break down fat. This is an excellent technique to reduce fat in small, problem areas such as the chin.

To find out more about other non-invasive techniques on offer, speak to our slimming experts here at Slim Spa, Dubai - call us on 04 343 7987.

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