Why Exercise & Diet Isn’t Helping You Lose Belly Fat

Why Exercise & Diet Isn’t Helping You Lose Belly Fat

While exercise and diet are great for overall weight loss, after a certain point they can be ineffective when it comes to losing fat in specific areas of the body, like the stomach, thighs, and arms.

And if you’ve been beating yourself up about the fact that you aren’t able to get rid of the fat there - don’t.

It’s not because you aren’t strict enough with your diet, or that you aren’t exercising hard enough.

It’s because you cannot choose which area of your body you want to lose fat in. Targeting fat in a certain area isn’t possible, even with exercise.

That’s just not how the body works.

Asking your body to lose fat in one area is like trying to remove a cup of water from one corner of a filled bathtub. The overall water level will go down, but there won't be a divot in one corner of the tub.

While targeted exercises for certain parts of your body (such as crunches for the stomach), will help strengthen that part of the body… they won’t make you lose fat in just that area!

Your body loses fat in a certain order from certain parts of your body, based on your genetics, age, weight and sex.

This means that you can do exercise to lose fat, but you will always lose fat overall from your whole body (not just one area).

So if you plan to exercise and diet to lose fat, and you lose enough of it, you’ll ALSO lose fat in the area you want to (example: your belly).

But you won’t be able to just lose “extra fat” in that area.

This can be a concern if you’re happy with your overall shape, but have a specific area that’s of concern.

Some people have a great frame and body, but just have fat in their belly - in that case, extra exercise and diet can end up making them skinnier than they want to be, without really helping in reducing the fat from just the area that they wanted to.

So you basically reduce in your overall body frame size, but the proportion of the problem area in relation to the rest of your body still remains the same.

And just working out harder or dieting more won’t help change that.

Remember, you can strengthen and tone targeted areas in your body, but you can’t lose fat that way.

And until you don’t lose fat, the strengthening and toning won’t really help make a difference in the actual size of that particular area.

While this can be upsetting to realize, it’s also important to understand this so that you don’t overwork yourself.

The only way to actually reduce fat from only particular areas is through the use of slimming technology.

That’s because they work to pinpoint fat cells and remove them from the body - and you get to choose which fat cells you’re targeting to flush out.

Most people who are happy with their overall body frame, but can’t shake off fat in specific problem areas opt for such slimming technology, as it helps them “contour” and shape their body in the way they want.

Such technologies include non-invasive, massage-like suction treatments such as CoolTech, that remove fat cells from the area they are used on.

Thus, it makes it possible to then lose inches from just specific areas, like your belly, to see the desired result in your body shape.

These treatments are best and most commonly used to lose fat around the stomach, arms, or thighs.

If you’ve been thinking about opting for such a treatment to help you lose fat in a particular area, get in touch with us at SlimSpa. We’re the first and oldest slimming center for women in Dubai, and have been operating for over 18 years in the region.

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