What To Expect From Your First Anti Cellulite Massage Session

What To Expect From Your First Anti Cellulite Massage Session

November 29, 2016

If you’ve made up your mind to have an anti-cellulite massage, it’s time to understand a few important things about this non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment – which has become one of the most sought after cellulite treatments in Dubai.

An anti-cellulite massage is not like your regular massage – it is a specialized advanced massage designed to treat cellulite naturally. It soothes away the fatty lumps without using any expensive surgeries or unnatural processes.

The massage process includes dry skin brushing, blended with deep tissue massage techniques, to loosen the fatty tissue under the skin and smoothen out the surface of the skin.

Your First Anti Cellulite Massage Session

The session begins with an initial consultation, where the therapist asks you about any injuries or health conditions that you may have – just to ensure that you enjoy the massage session with comfort.

Post the consultation, you are made to lie on a comfortable therapy bed, draped with towels or sheets. The therapist then starts dry brushing the skin applying strong strokes - moving from your calves, across the backs of the legs, and up to the buttock areas.  Dry brushing helps to reduce dead skin cells, and toxins from the body while also increasing blood circulation, which further helps in preventing toxin build up.

After the dry brushing, the therapist then applies a suitable massage oil on your body to warm up the tissues. It is followed by the application of firmer massage strokes to break up the fatty deposits, which are then flushed out of the body over time.

Right after the first session, your body will feel firmer and lighter. For more lasting results, it is recommended to undergo a number of sessions - generally, 10 sessions is what slimming experts recommend for a toner and firmer cellulite free body.

At SlimSpa, our expert massage therapists plan the perfect anti-cellulite treatment plan that suits your body shaping goals – while also sharing expert tips to make the results more effective.

Call us today on 04 343 7987 and book your anti-cellulite massage session with one of our experts.

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