Hate The Gym? Here’s How You Can Stay In Shape

Hate The Gym? Here’s How You Can Stay In Shape

Move more and eat less, they say. But although going for a moderate intensity exercise is good for maintaining and improving your health, we’ve uncovered more than 50 studies that show exercise alone may not be the best way to lose weight.

Exercise can certainly help build fat-burning muscles and maintain a good physique, but it won’t shrink your waistline as much as changing your lifestyle will.

Because it’s easier said than done, here are 5 slimming secrets that can help you tackle your muffin top and stay in shape -

Sleep earlier

When you don’t get enough rest, your body increases levels of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and decreases the satiety hormone (leptin). This results to uncontrollable hunger pangs.

Sleep deprivation can also cause you to crave more unhealthy, high-calorie, and high-fat junk foods that won’t really do your body any good.

Carry water everywhere with you

Keeping a water bottle can help you respond to thirst correctly, feel full a lot faster, keep your metabolism at check, and help you debloat!

Eat 5-6 small meals per day

Eating smaller portions frequently boosts your metabolism and keeps you full a lot longer. An easy way of making sure you have a good stock of healthy foods is through meal prep.

Prepare your meals before the start of every week and store them in the fridge. Having healthy ingredients like frozen fruits, veggies, and pre-portioned protein on hand, can save you from resorting to unhealthy snacking.

Cut calories by making simple food swaps

Cutting down on foods that you like isn’t 100% necessary just to lose weight. But making small swaps to save calories here and there will definitely add up to keeping you in shape. For example, a granola bar has more than 100 calories. So instead of grabbing that for a quick snack, eat an apple. It only has 80 calories, and it’s even a lot healthier than a granola bar!

Downsize your dishware for portion control

Numerous studies show that people consistently consume more food when they’re offered a larger-sized plate compared to a smaller one. The reasoning behind this is because, we judge how much we’ve eaten by how full the container looks not by how much we’ve actually eaten.

Maintaining good shape comes from being active and living a healthy lifestyle. However, for some, no matter how hard they try there are still certain areas in their body that needs toning down.

If you’re that person, our CoolTech (Fat Freezing) Treatment can be beneficial for you. It targets specific areas of the body through a freezing technique, and flushes out these stubborn fat cells. Unlike other treatments that require at least 8-10 sessions to show visible results, CoolTech needs only 1.

Incorporating this with a great meal plan will definitely help keep you in shape, or lose those excess pockets of fat.

To book an appointment or to speak to one of our slimming specialists, call 04 343 7987.

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