Heard of Cryolipolysis for fat loss? Here’s how it works

Heard of Cryolipolysis for fat loss? Here’s how it works

We all know the importance of keeping fit, eating a balanced diet and living an active lifestyle to keep us fit, healthy and at our desired weight. But what happens when you do all of these things and still can't shed those unwanted, stubborn pounds of fat? Well, this is when Cryolipolysis can help you.

If you haven't heard about Cryolipolysis for fat loss then don't worry. Here we'll explain what Cryolipolysis exactly is, how it works and how it can help you lose that unwanted fat.

The fat freezing treatment

In the simplest of terms, Cryolipolysis is the scientific term that is most commonly known as fat freezing, as this is what it does. The fat cells are targeted, frozen and the fat cells are then disposed of naturally by the body. This usually happens 2 weeks after treatment and will continue to do so for up to 12 weeks.

It can target specific areas

The great thing about Cryolipolysis is that it can target specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks; those areas where it is difficult to get rid of fat, no matter how well you eat or how hard you exercise.

It's non-invasive

If you are afraid of needles or don't want any type of invasive treatment then you'll be glad to know that Cryolipolysis is non-invasive. The skin is not punctured and all you will feel is a cold sensation. There may be minimal bruising post-treatment, but this will soon fade. The other good news is that a typical session only takes around an hour.

Long-lasting fat removal

What many people don't realise is that once the targeted fat cells have been reduced by the body then they are gone forever. They do not grow back. So within less than 12 weeks, you will see noticeable results with a more toned and sculpted body.

If you think that Cryolipolysis would help you to lose fat quickly from those hard to remove areas, get in touch with us to reap the benefits of our CoolTech fat freezing Cryolipolysis treatment.

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