Is Your Skin Ready For The Beach? With Laser Hair Removal, You Will Be!

Is Your Skin Ready For The Beach? With Laser Hair Removal, You Will Be!

Getting summer ready doesn’t have to be a chore. But when you're thinking about looking your best on the beach, a long summer of shaving seems a little daunting! If you're seeking a better way, laser hair removal during summer months could be for you. Read on to find out more.


What is laser hair removal?

This treatment works by targeting the root of the hair and the melanin in it, eradicating the follicle to reduce hair growth. A treatment can take ten minutes for smaller areas of hair, or an hour for larger areas.


Is laser hair removal safe in summer?

Laser hair removal treatments in Dubai are increasingly popular among those who want a more long term solution to excess body hair - but can it be done during warmer months? The good news is that this is perfectly safe for your skin, just make sure you keep your freshly-lasered skin protected from the sun.


Where can you have laser treatment done?

When looking into laser hair removal, bikini lines are a popular choice, as are underarms and legs. Some choose to have laser hair removal on their backs and even faces. Essentially, anywhere that hair grows can be targeted by laser hair removal.


The benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has many benefits that traditional methods of hair removal don’t. It's less painful and time consuming than waxing regularly, and you won't suffer from the irritation associated with shaving. Best of all, laser hair removal is low maintenance.


Maintaining laser hair removal

There's some maintenance required with laser hair removal treatments, but it's fairly easy. You may need up to six sessions to achieve your desired result, and should come back to get stray hairs lasered. This is not a treatment, but your hair will grow back less thick than before. It is a good idea to return every one to two years to refresh your treatment.

Do you want to enjoy more confidence this summer? Trust the experts in laser hair removal Dubai-based residents swear by, and book in with Slim Aesthetic Clinic today.

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