LPG Treatment (LipoMassage) Benefits & Safety

LPG Treatment (LipoMassage) Benefits & Safety

Among the various non-invasive body contouring treatment out there, LPG Lipomassage still remains extremely popular for one main reason.

Its triple-action benefits.

Not only does it aid in fat loss, but it’s unique technology works to tighten and tone your skin while visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. So in just a few sessions, you lose a significant amount of that stubborn, diet-resistant fat, plus you get firmer and smoother skin with lesser cellulite.

Not sure how it works?

We’ve broken it down into how LPG works, how safe the treatment is and the kind of results you should expect.

What are its benefits?

LPG uses mechanical rollers to massage your body. These rollers stimulate your body’s natural response to reduce fat cells and tighten your skin, which also results in the additional effect of cellulite reduction.

The deep massaging action increases circulation of both blood and lymph system by nearly 200% and helps expel toxins and any abnormal fluid build up. This technique also improves collagen and elastin production which results in  smoother, firmer skin, in addition to a more refined body shape.

With this increased blood circulation, fatty lumps and cellulite are less likely to appear. Your skin will also be firmer and softer as collagen and elastin repair your damaged skin cells.

Is LPG treatment safe?

LPG is a completely safe and harmless procedure.

Essentially, it’s a massage-induced method to remove your fat naturally (yes, naturally). The treatment doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, needles, anesthesia. No cutting and all other unpleasantries.

Apart from swelling (which will immediately disappear in just a few hours), there are no serious side effects, like burning and irritation, expected. You can even hit the gym right after, or go for that ladies night out!

Is LPG treatment effective?

You must know that LPG lipomassage is a multi-session method. It usually takes 3-5 sessions (35 to 45 minutes per session) to get desired results, although clients do notice visible changes even after the first sessions.  After your treatment duration, you will notice a , less squishy and bloated, and cellulite is less visible.

Along with healthy eating habits and exercise, we recommend 6 to 8 sessions of LPG treatment (two per week) for you to achieve the body you desire--- toned, tightened, and no visible cellulite!

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