Radiofrequency Facial For Skin Tightening That Lasts Half A Year

Radiofrequency Facial For Skin Tightening That Lasts Half A Year

One of the biggest and most popular facial trends of the moment is the non-surgical, skin tightening facial, also known as the Radiofrequency Facial. Read on to learn more about this facial, what it does, what to expect and its incredible long-lasting results.

What is a Radiofrequency facelift treatment?

A Radiofrequency Facial is used for skin tightening, smoothing and firming. The facial requires no downtime and is practically painless.

It’s a non-invasive treatment using heat energy to encourage the production of both elastin and collagen, which are the two main proteins that are needed for skin tightness and firmness.

How long does the Radiofrequency skin tightening last?

This facelift treatment for skin tightening allows for both immediate and long-term results. The skin will look rejuvenated in a few days and you will even notice it become smoother and tighter in the coming months. This is because collagen-building takes time. The skin tightening results last approximately six months.

What happens during the Radiofrequency treatment?

This varies from treatment to treatment. However, a traditional facial may involve a handheld device moving during the treatment. The heat and needles are pressed into your skin to stimulate collagen production in the deep tissue. While this might sound painful, it’s very lightly prickly and, to an extent, painless. This entire treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once the 30 minutes are over and the treatment has finished, a serum is applied to the face and you can leave with two rules:

Rule 1: No touching your face for 24 hours.

Rule 2: No active ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid for a couple of days as the radiofrequency can make your skin a little sensitive for a few days.

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