Sometimes regular exercise and firming creams are just not enough to get rid of unwanted cellulite! Luckily for us, there are a multitude of non-invasive slimming technologies now available to help with cellulite reduction.

One such technology that has revolutionised the slimming industry is Velasmooth – it is the first clinically proven, non-invasive class II system for effective treatment of cellulite and circumferential reduction.

It has become one of the most in demand treatments for smoothening skin and reducing those inevitable bumps & dimples across the body.

To start off, let’s have a look at what all the Velasmooth is able to help with – apart from smoothening of the skin, it also helps in body contouring & tightening of sagging areas.

Using it’s one of a kind combination of infrared light, radio frequency, vaccum, and mechanical tissue manipulation, it removes fatty tissues by melting and dispersing fat cells that are then flushed out of the body.

Women who have used this treatment for cellulite reduction have experienced amazing results the technology helped get rid of fat deposits that caused cellulite across the body.

Who is it for?

Over 10,000 women are treated with VelaSmooth everyday, and it is the perfect choice for those who have cellulite across large parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks as it is built to treat large areas faster. Treatment time for such areas is possible in a mere 20-30 minutes.

It also makes a great choice for women who are looking to firm up skin & lose excess flab in specific areas while also treating their cellulite.

While cellulite has been a common phenomenon for women over the years, we now no longer need to suffer from uneven skin and dimpling!

Take the first step to get rid of the cellulite on your body..

Book our 3 session introductory package of Velasmooth & be on your way to smooth skin.

This 3 session package will allow you to see results & improvement of skin firmness, and also show reduction of cellulite.

This introductory package is a special offer valid till 30th June 2015 only.

Book now using the form below.

Sorry, this offer has now expired - for further details please call us on 05 022 20712.

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