Weight Loss Pills vs Weight Loss Treatments – What You Should Spend Your Money On

Weight Loss Pills vs Weight Loss Treatments – What You Should Spend Your Money On

Everyone has heard the claims surrounding weight loss pills; eat as much food as you want, don’t worry about exercising and when it comes time to face the scales? You’ll have lost weight – all thanks to a tiny little pill.

With a story seemingly as good as this, you can’t really blame word for spreading.

Unfortunately, however, these claims quickly fall apart under a basic level of scientific scrutiny, and when it comes down to worthwhile investments, one will find that weight loss treatments with d results are the better spend.

What exactly are weight loss pills?

Weight loss pills come in a variety of forms, but the majority of them are sold as diuretics or metabolism boosters, with ingredients ranging anywhere from simple caffeine to the odds and ends of plant extracts.

It should be stressed that most of these products do not have reliable studies backing them up as weight loss supplements and – to make matters worse – the exhibited side effects can range anywhere from severe gastric distress to the sudden onset of anxiety (or worse).

Towards the darker ends of the market, you also have a host of opportunistic scams taking place, with many attempting to sell weight loss pills with ingredients that aren’t regulated. This is often both dangerous and a waste of money – especially with some weight loss pills like Orlistat costing over £75 in the UK.

So, whilst things like caffeine pills do have their uses, why should weight loss treatments be prioritised? Quite simply because of the results.

Superior results with weight loss treatments

Cavitation, Cooltech (fat freezing) or indeed VelaShape are three alternative weight loss treatments that are both non-surgical and proven to offer actual results – all without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Fat freezing is one of the most popular weight loss procedures and operates on the basis that the crystallisation of underlying fat cells has been proven to be effective in targeted fat loss.

Unlike weight loss pills, this treatment is extremely safe, with the frozen fat cells disposed of by the body’s natural cleansing process and your skin left unharmed.

Ultimately, it pays to do your own research, and when it comes down to weight loss pills vs non- surgical treatments, you’re better off sticking to the science.

To find out more about weight loss treatments that do work, speak to us at Slim Spa Dubai today - call 04 343 7987 to book a free consultation with our trusted experts.

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