Which Slimming Massage Is Right For You?

Which Slimming Massage Is Right For You?

If you’re considering having a body slimming massage in Dubai but are not entirely sure which one is right for you, read this guide to learn about the different types of slimming massages and how to choose the perfect one.

Deep tissue massage in Dubai

This type of massage helps encourage blood circulation and lymphatic flow. As a result, this helps to both detoxify the body and aid weight loss too. However, this must be combined with a good exercise routine and a natural food diet as a deep tissue massage will only help minimise the excess fat and, therefore, weight in your body.

Lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai

This is a light-pressure technique that allows the movement of lymph fluid – responsible for fighting infection and bacteria – towards the lymph nodes, which will expel and filter any toxins in your body. The process helps encourage your body to produce more lymph fluid, which will help your body fight infection and increase its immune system.

A lymphatic drainage massage also helps relax your body, improve circulation and combat fat. For this reason, people report the loss of additional water weight and a slimmer waist after they’ve had this massage.

Anti-cellulite massage in Dubai

In comparison to a lymphatic drainage massage, an anti-cellulite massage doesn’t have a light touch as practitioners will work to stimulate blood flow in order to reduce dimpled skin as a result of cellulite and combat water retention.

Therapists use a selection of techniques to perform an anti-cellulite massage, including circular motions, skin rolling, pounding and kneading on your arms, thighs, calves and lower back.

If you don't mind a more vigorous massage to get rid of your fat-based cellulite, then an anti-cellulite is the way to go. However, if you have water-based cellulite, then the pressure will be slightly less.

LPG massage in Dubai

LPG massage for women is powered by Endermologie technology and uses a state-of-the-art device to apply gentle suction that can activate your fat cells into weight loss. For this reason, it's also known as the LipoMassage as it can resculpt your body, adding firmness and tone by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

If you're looking for an intensive but non-invasive treatment that helps you get results while providing firmer skin tone, then the LPG massage might be for you.

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