Why Your Slimming Program Isn’t Working For You

Why Your Slimming Program Isn’t Working For You

Are you one of those people that has joined a slimming program, only to find your high hopes crashing after the first few sessions?

We all know the excitement of finally taking that plunge & investing in a slimming package to bring about a better version of ourselves.

So why do some people just not get the results they want, while some receive spectacular results?

To start off, let's just say - it's not a fault in the system.. the system is science! 

The number one point is to start off with realistic expectations - what is factually achievable using that slimming technique? It is important for both you & your slimming advisor to be honest and upfront about the possible result.

Now let's move on to the most common reasons why some people don't see results after taking up a slimming program.

Number of sessions

No matter which slimming program you choose, each comes with a recommended number of sessions. You must attend the given number of sessions to achieve needed results. For instance, in case of LPG slimming program, 10 sessions are usually recommended to see satisfactory results. Similarly, if you opt for Cavitation, it calls for a minimum of 6-10 sessions for getting the desired results.

If you fail to attend the recommended number of sessions, the whole slimming program goes for a toss. Just taking 2 sessions when you need 6 just won't show you the results you need!


Joining a slimming program doesn’t mean you no longer have to concern yourself with a healthy eating plan. After all, everything goes hand in hand. Eating well should always be a priority, and undergoing a slimming program doesn't change that. If you are eating fatty foods while getting your slimming done, you're setting yourself up for disappointment!


Light exercise is always recommended when someone takes on a slimming program - unfortunately, most people don't take this recommendation very seriously. And when we say exercise, we don't mean rigorous training on a daily basis - just a 10-15 minute brisk walk will do too.

If you aren't guilty of the points mentioned above and are still not seeing any results.. it's time to consult another specialist!

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