Women in Dubai tried Fat Freezing – here’s what you need to know

Women in Dubai tried Fat Freezing – here’s what you need to know

Fat Freezing has long been a well kept weight loss secret of Hollywood celebrities & models.

From Khloe Kardashian & Molly Sims to Jennifer Aniston & Ali Landry, A-list celebs have attributed their shapely figures to Fat Freezing - choosing this effective technology over liposuction and other invasive surgeries.

Getting rid of excess fat from your body in just an hour - who wouldn’t want to try it, right?

One of the reason fat freezing is so popular is because you can target your fat loss.

So if it’s your belly or your arms or your thighs that’s been bothering you, you can target just that area and have it shrunk down by inches - without compromising on your precious curves!

Here are some views of real women in Dubai who have tried Fat Freezing:

“She said the results would be gradual and take 2 to 3 weeks to notice – and that is exactly what happened. I swore nothing had changed for weeks, and then one day, suddenly, it seemed the two stubborn pockets of fat that sat at the bottom of either side of my rib cage were much smaller. About a week later, I noticed that a prominent bit of belly fat I’d had for years had gone”.
-Anna Marie Mcqueen, from The National

“At the start of the treatment, there is a sucking feeling of the skin being drawn up into the cooling head. The sensation is slightly uncomfortable but after a few minutes it was okay. Once the initial stuff was over I just laid and relaxed. I’m already looking now to do another part of my body, maybe my upper arms will be next”.
-Deborah Muir, from Exclusive Beauty

So how does it work?

Fat freezing uses a simple machine like CoolTech or CoolSculpt that applies freezing temperatures to the fat cells in your problem area. Because your fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold temperature, they break down and die.

While diet and exercise can help you reduce the size of your fat cells, fat freezing gets rid of these fat cells completely by actually reducing them! So essentially, they’re gone for good.  

Your body then flushes out these broken fat cells over the next few months, which is why it takes a couple of weeks for you to see the complete results of the treatment.

Fat freezing sessions generally last between an hour to 90 minutes, so you can typically fit this into a lunch break.

You can even head back to work straight after, because the treatment is completely non-invasive and requires no downtime.

While it can be slightly uncomfortable, it is pain-free (similar to discomfort levels caused by waxing).

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