Is Your Workout Making You Gain Weight?

Is Your Workout Making You Gain Weight?

You have been working out consistently and following a strict exercise routine, yet every time you step on the scale the number only seems to increase!

Is your workout making you gain weight?

This is actually a very common dilemma faced by people who start an exercise routine to lose weight. While numbers on the scale can sometimes be misleading, it’s a good idea to understand why your weight might be going up.

So where is the weight gain coming from?

The first step is to find out if you're gaining fat, muscle or water – as all these factors have a major impact on your body shaping goals.

If your workout is making you gain muscle faster than you are losing fat, the number on the scale will generally go up.

This is because your muscle mass is increasing - however, since muscles have less volume than fat, they take up less space in the body.

If you are only gaining muscle and not losing enough fat, your weight and body frame size may increase.

If you are gaining muscle and losing fat (which is the ideal scenario), while your weight may increase, your body shape and body fat percentage levels will actually still go down.

Another reason behind the weight gain despite workout could be water retention. Your body retains certain percentage of water during a workout, as part of the healing process which can also cause an increase in weight. This, however, is generally temporary when a new exercise regime is started.

The Right Approach

The ideal way of changing and toning your body is to lose fat and build the right amount of muscles.

However, it can get difficult to target fat and muscle specifically while keeping your fat loss goals on point.

An effective approach to target such localized fat deposits can often be found in slimming techniques that specifically reduce unwanted fat.

This can then be supported with light muscle building exercises to improve your metabolic rate, showing significant changes at a rapid pace!

At SlimSpa, one of Dubai’s leading slimming centers, we offer various non-invasive slimming treatments that can help support your goals and enhance the results from your workouts.

Speak to our slimming experts today by calling us on 04 343 7987.

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