How To Lose Weight in Ramadan

How To Lose Weight in Ramadan

During the fasting season, a lot of us have got Ramadan weight loss on our minds.

With all the fasting and abstinence, it’s natural that many look to see how they can better their bodies and get healthier during this period.

Unfortunately - and this comes as a surprise to many - a lot of people actually end up gaining weight rather than losing weight during Ramadan

A lot of factors contribute to this weight gain:

  • Overeating when breaking the fast during Iftar
  • Excessively indulging in sweet treats & fried foods
  • Irregular sleeping patterns which can cause the metabolism to slow down

So how do you combat this?

Here are our top tips for Ramadan weight loss.

  • While you may not have enough energy to go for your regular workouts, try to do some light activity after Iftar - even a short, brisk walk will do!
  • Have dinner an hour after breaking the fast. Leaving dinner for too late can cause indigestion and discomfort, causing disruption in the way food is processed, thereby leading to weight gain.
  • Don’t forget to keep track of your calorie intake. Though you may be fasting, it’s still important to monitor the calories you consume after breaking your fast in order to avoid any excessive weight gain. You can do this by using apps like MyFitnessPal or Loseit..
  • If hungry between iftar and suhoor, snack on nuts, seeds and fresh fruit rather than opting for chips or biscuits. Nuts and seeds pack a powerful punch of nutrients and vitamins which help stabilize blood sugar levels and due to their high fiber content, keep you fuller for longer. Don't forget, they are still high in fat, so moderation is key here.
  • Pick foods that give you energy and keep you full throughout the day. At Suhoor, start your fast by having good carbs that help maintain blood sugar level, ease digestion, and are full of fibre - such as wholemeal bread with jam/peanut butter.

We all know that Ramadan can be a difficult time to abstain from unhealthy foods. However, balancing your food intake can help you achieve some weight loss during this period.

If you do gain weight, you can always shed off the excessive Ramadan weight gain by opting for our slimming packages that will help you get right back on track.

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