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Hyperpigmentation Recommended for uneven skin tone, spots, skin damage

Results may vary from person to person

Results may vary from person to person


Hyperpigmentation is the name given to abnormally concentrated pigment in the skin, giving your skin an uneven, blotchy or rough appearance.

If your skin is damaged, hyperpigmented, ageing or neglected, it might be a good idea to try our Ultra Peel Microdermabrasion treatment.

Ultra peel microdermabrasion is a relaxing, refreshing and non-invasive procedure which smooths out and brightens your complexion using deep exfoliation technique to combat hyperpigmentation.

It removes excessive pigmentation, and leaves your skin with a much more even and smooth appearance.

This non-invasive treatment is specially tailored to those:

  • Who suffer from the effects of hyperpigmentation
  • Whose skin suffers through cold and harmful climates, lacks moisture, or looks tired and worn-out
  • Who experience the symptoms of hyperpigmented skin

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