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LPG Collagen Activater Recommended for saggy skin, improved skin texture

Results may vary from person to person

Results may vary from person to person

LPG Collagen Activater

Sagging skin on the facial area is a problem which can detract from the outline of our features such as the cheekbone and the chin. This can now be addressed using the latest technology, thanks to the LPG Collagen Activater treatment we offer here at SlimSpa.

By densifying complexity around the facial area, the LPG Collagen Activater firms the skin over a 30 minute period, leaving your facial muscles feeling tighter. This reshaping process can improve facial outlines while also resculpting the contours in your face.

If your aim is to improve the suppleness of your face and improve the texture of the skin around it, the LPG Collagen Activater can kickstart this process with its unique densifying capabilities.

At SlimSpa, we pride ourselves on offering you the best range of health and beauty treatments, and are pleased to offer the very latest skin firming technologies from the world's leading experts.

For more information on the LPG Collagen Activater, and to talk through the process with a member of our friendly team, simply call 04 343 7987 to begin your journey on the path to firmer skin.


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