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Mesotherapy For Hair Fall Take care of your locks with our specialized treatment

Results may vary from person to person

Results may vary from person to person

Mesotherapy For Hair Fall

If you suffer from damaged, thinning or dull-looking hair, this treatment is the one for you.

Mesotherapy for hair fall is perfect for a range of hair-related problems, including pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia and hair loss - and it's also a luxurious pampering treatment for anyone who wants to add revitalising volume and shine to their hair.

Mesotherapy focuses on your scalp, introducing valuable nutrients and vitamins in to the skin cells.

This treatment has a positive impact on the hair itself and encourages healthy growth and reparation, leaving hair looking beautifully glossy and rejuvenated.

Mesotherapy will also help reduce the rate of hair loss and leave your locks with enhanced volume, texture and shine.

Our hair care specialists at SlimSpa will provide tailored recommendations to you of products and upkeep to ensure that your newly revitalised hair stays looking healthy, shiny and gorgeous.

The specialist beauticians at SlimSpa have years of experience in beauty and spa treatment therapy, and with 16 years of thousands of happy customers, we're certain that we can help you attain your beauty goals with our innovative treatments and specialist facilities.

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