Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage – And How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage – And How It Can Help You Lose Weight

A lymphatic drainage massage is a manual and natural technique to improve the bodies lymph system - often improving the lymph flow by as much as 20 times.

Why is the Lymphatic System important?

A sluggish or blocked lymph system can contribute to a host of problems, such as:

  • Buildup of lymphatic fluid
  • Swelling and bloating
  • Excessive water retention
  • Compromised immunity 

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How does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage help?

The lymphatic drainage massage uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymph flow. 

This allows the body to start naturally disposing of lymph fluid, since it is now being redirected to unblocked lymph nodes.

Since this excessive fluid is channeled to the bodies natural filtration system, it is able to dispose of excessive waste and toxins that build up in the body.

What benefits does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage have? 

Weight loss
Lymphatic drainage massages are a top choice for women who cannot exercise regularly, as they are an alternate way to release toxins and dispose of waste in the body. Believe it or not, a lot of this excessive waste contributes to the weight our body carries. 

Cellulite reduction
Due to the use of pressure and the enhanced circulation provided, the lymphatic massage does a great job to reduce cellulite. It is also a great way to prevent cellulite from building up in the first place. 

Reduced water retention
Since the main job of the lymph system is to carry and dispose of fluid waste, excessive water that is retained in the body is also disposed of through this technique. 

Increased metabolic rate
A healthy lymph system contributes to a healthy metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat your body burns per minute (even when you are inactive, or simply sitting). Regular lymphatic massages prevent your metabolic rate from slowing down, thus helping you avoid weight gain. It also stimulates weight loss if you had a low metabolism, as it raises it over time. 

Helps you relax
As with any massage, it gives you some down-time and a sense of well-being, both of which are proven to help reduce stress levels - a factor that most people overlook when trying to lose weight. The stress hormone "cortisol" causes significant weight gain when released in the body too much. By unwinding and regularly taking time for your massages, cortisol levels in the body are reduced, which then helps drop stress-related weight. 

As with any manual technique, one session is not a magic pill. 

Lymphatic drainage massages have to be performed regularly for them to have an effect.

It is generally recommended to go for around 10-12 sessions to truly cleanse and boost your lymph system.

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