Cooltech - Target Fat Reduction in Dubai


It often seems impossible to target the exact part of your body where you want to reduce fat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the stomach, hips, buttocks or thighs, there are very few non invasive methods of directly targeting these areas – until now.

SlimSpa is thrilled to be able to offer you Cooltech, the easy way of reducing the fat  from precise areas of your body with no exercise and no surgery!

In fact, Cooltech shows more results after just one session than any other slimming treatment! Cooltech does this by using cooling technology to safely freeze and kill fat cells underneath the skin. The frozen cells are then simply flushed out naturally by your body over the following weeks and months – leaving a slimmer you.

With our Cooltech treatment you can:

  • Tell us exactly where you want fat reduced from, such as your stomach, hips, buttocks or thighs
  • Reduce unwanted fat with minimal recovery time and no scarring
  • See more results after one session than any other slimming treatment
  • Avoid surgery with our needle free, non surgical treatment
  • Read a book, take a nap or check your phone during the treatment

Our Cooltech treatment can help you if:

You want to reduce your body of fat in specific areas

  • You have tried dieting & exercise to no avail
  • You are unable to lose stubborn fat in selected areas
  • You do not wish to undergo invasive treatments that have a long recovery period

To discover for yourself the weight loss benefits of Cooltech, call SlimSpa on 04 343 7987 to book your consultation and take that first step towards are more toned and sculpted you.

We combine the best machines and equipment with highly trained therapists and strive to help our clients lose weight without any side effects.



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