Venus B.E.A.M. Reduce Cellulite, Skin Toning, Reduce Inches

Venus B.E.A.M A leading method of natural weight loss

Venus B.E.A.M

Venus Bio Electrical Acceleration Management technology – or B.E.A.M. for short – is the latest body shaping treatment we offer here at SlimSpa in Dubai. It has proved its effectiveness over a series of stringent clinical tests, and we are now happy to present you with this leading method of natural weight loss.

The Venus B.E.A.M. treatment uses stimulation from electrical impulses to create muscle contractions over a 30 minute period, gradually increasing their frequency. All you will feel is a small tingling sensation as a result.

If you are looking for effective method of spot fat reduction, the Venus B.E.A.M. can make the difference you are looking for to body areas like the hips, thighs and stomach.

With the Venus B.E.A.M. treatment you will see:

  • An improvement in skin texture
  • A reduction in unsightly cellulite
  • Problems with wrinkles and lax collagen addressed
  • An enhancement and toning of the skin
  • A circumferential reduction of centimetres and sometimes inches after your appointment.

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