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If you want to try ultrasonic cavitation, the latest revolutionary technique for fat  reduction, come to SlimSpa for a consultation. This non-surgic

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It often seems impossible to target the exact part of your body where you want to reduce fat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the stomach,

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Eporex Mesotherapy

Eporex Mesotherapy is a unique inch loss and cellulite reduction treatment which involves a simple, non-invasive procedure.  The Eporex Mesotherapy

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Infrared Slimming Tunnel

Beloved by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, the infrared slimming tunnel is a wondrous machine which acts as a whole body slimmer, leaving

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LPG Endermologie

The wonders of body sculpting and reduction are rarely exhibited as well as by the LPG Endermologie machine we offer here at SlimSpa. This patented te

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VelaShape II

VelaShape II’s triple action formula is designed to reduce cellulite, tone your body, and resculpt your curves. Velashape II is an advanced body

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Launched in 2005, Velasmooth employs infrared and radio frequency energy technology to reduce fat and cellulite, as well as recontour the body shape.

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Velasmooth Pro

Velasmooth Pro is a world leading device in combating cellulite through a combination of massaging technology and vacuum suction. Specially designed

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Venus B.E.A.M

Venus Bio Electrical Acceleration Management technology – or B.E.A.M. for short – is the latest body shaping treatment we offer here at Sl

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