Cavitation - Fat Reduction in Dubai

Cavitation The latest revolutionary technique for fat removal


If you want to try ultrasonic cavitation, the latest revolutionary technique for fat  reduction, come to SlimSpa for a consultation.

This non-surgical technique is fast establishing a reputation as a preferred alternative to liposuction. Essentially ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to attack the cells of fat that are stored underneath the skin, breaking them down into a liquid that the body can then liquid that the body can then reduce by way of its own plumbing – the lymphatic system. It doesn’t require any anaesthetic, which means you will have minimal recovery time.

Cavitation can be used on the face, chin, neck, stomach, hips, buttocks, arms and many other problem areas. Most sessions last for less than an hour and you can achieve the best results over the course of several sessions, so your weight loss will look natural to the outside world and will feel natural to you too. It’s a cost effective, minimally painful and thoroughly modern alternative to the invasive  fat reduction treatments of yesteryear.

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