Can Dieting Help You Lose Weight Sustainably?

Can Dieting Help You Lose Weight Sustainably?

What you eat and the amount you eat plays a crucial role in maintaining your body weight. The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ truly holds good especially when it comes to weight loss. Dieting for weight loss basically means regulating eating habits and eating healthy foods. It mostly involves portion control, eating a balanced diet, and cutting down on junk, highly processed foods, and sugar.

There are tonnes of dieting regimens, from keto & paleo diets to intermittent fasting and many more. If done right and if it’s meant for your body type, most of these diets actually work. However, is dieting a sustainable weight loss solution? Is it really possible to follow a long-term diet plan to maintain healthy body weight? Read on. 

The problem with dieting

Dieting demands a high level of commitment, discipline and patience. A majority of people who go on a weight-loss diet never see it through. Many throw in the towel in frustration claiming that dieting doesn’t work. When in reality, they never gave it a chance.

Going on a diet means giving up delicious foods and eating less than usual. Breaking a habit, especially one involving food, is unbelievably difficult. Many dieters succumb to cravings and eventually give up their weight loss goals.

Another problem is that after successfully losing weight through dieting, it becomes hard to continue dieting. It just seems to serve no purpose, only to gain all the lost weight back after a while. Sustaining a healthy body weight through dieting alone is quite challenging and often impossible. There are just too many pitfalls.

The beauty of dieting

The main reason why most people are attracted to dieting as a method of weight loss is that it seems easy. You don’t have to grind away in the gym or pay for expensive surgeries. All you have to do is control what you eat.

The benefits of dieting go beyond weight loss. Although most weight-loss diets are designed primarily for that purpose, their effect improves overall health. Besides reducing the risks of weight-related conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer, dieting also enhances mental and emotional wellbeing.

Since weight-loss diets are centered around consuming healthy balanced foods, the body gets all the necessary nutrients for development and immunity.

So what’s the solution?

As much as dieting is effective at losing weight, it is not a sustainable weight loss method on its own. To keep the weight off completely, dieting has to be supplemented by other means. Physical exercises and non-invasive weight loss procedures such as fat freezing are ideal additions to dieting, if immediate results are what you’re looking for.

Fat burning treatments help to target stubborn fat deposits that dieting cannot reduce. This also means you’ll see better and faster weight loss results, which builds up confidence and motivation. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for inch loss or weight loss in specific areas, diets may not be the nest short-term solution. If done right with commitment, it will aid in overall weight management. 


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