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How Cavitation Removes Fat And Aids Your Body Slimming Goals

How Cavitation Removes Fat And Aids Your Body Slimming Goals

April 30, 2016

These days, everyone knows the importance of tackling fat and cellulite. The negative long term and short term effects of obesity have long been established. But losing weight can be hard work, particularly if you are one of those people genetically predisposed to weight gain. Dieting isn’t always effective, not many of us have the time to commit to a long term exercise programme and invasive cosmetic surgery comes with all the risks and discomfort you'd expect from such procedures.

So, if you want to lose weight but are frustrated by the traditional options such as diet or exercise, why not consider trying out some of the latest in slimming technology, such as ultrasound cavitation? This is an increasingly popular and painless way to tackle fat and cellulite and is one of the many slimming options offered by the beauty specialists at Slim Spa of Dubai.

What is cavitation?

Cavitation is a treatment invented in Europe as a safer, pain-free alternative to surgery, using ultrasound to destroy fat cells in specific parts of the body. The treatment itself is straightforward and easy to undergo.

A specially designed cream is applied to the area that is being targeted, and then an ultrasound device, similar to that used in pregnancy scans, is applied to the skin. The device transmits concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy that target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membrane. The fat is then dispersed into surrounding cells and recycled into proteins and glycerol.  

What are the benefits of fat cavitation treatment?

Unlike liposuction, which can leave you with pain or discomfort and require a stay in hospital and time off work, cavitation is completely non-invasive and the results are similar to those you can expect from cosmetic surgery.

After the first treatment, you can expect to see a significant reduction in your waist line and the cavitation weight loss effects increase with every subsequent session, until your course of treatment is over. For optimum results, between eight and 12 treatments may be necessary.

At Slim Spa, one of the Dubai’s leading slimming centres, we have experts dedicated to helping you to get slimmer and feel great. Contact us today and ask about our cutting-edge cavitation treatments and enjoy the benefits that come with losing weight painlessly and effortlessly.

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