Everything you want to know about Maderotherapy

Everything you want to know about Maderotherapy

Maderotherapy is a unique form of massage technique that has its roots in Colombia but is now an internationally acclaimed form of therapy. Madero means wood when translated in Spanish which is why Maderotherapy is also known as Wooden Therapy.


Why Wooden Treatment?

In this body sculpting treatment, the body is massaged with a set of anatomically developed wooden tools which help in improving the body’s lymphatic circulation. This process greatly helps with toning the body and simultaneously contributing to overall health.

Maderotherapy is often described as the Cellulite Killer. It is common knowledge that the majority of women from all over the world suffer from cellulite and are always on the lookout for a solution. Typically, it is recommended that the affected area be massaged with oil. As an extension of this home remedy, Maderotherapy uses meticulously crafted wooden tools which apply pressure to the affected areas and break down fat deposits which are then flushed out with other toxins. These tools stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and flush away excessive toxins from the body- without any side effects. No wonder top Hollywood models trust Maderotherapy for ramp-ready legs!


Benefits of Maderotherapy-

Maderotherapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment which offers a host of benefits. Some of the benefits include:

-   Improved blood circulation

-   Renewed vigour

-   Kickstarting of metabolism

-   Lower levels of water retention in the body

-   Mind and body relaxation


While Maderotherapy is gaining well-deserved popularity around the world, it is important to choose the right clinic for oneself. This therapy relies heavily on technique, for it to show the results it promises. Always look for professionally trained staff to get a Maderotherapy session from to ensure that your time and money are valued and you get the most out of your investment.

If you are looking to do away with that stubborn cellulite and slip into that dream dress without any fear, Maderotherapy might just be what you are looking for. At Slim Spa, we are committed to our client’s comfort and complete satisfaction. Our carefully trained staff are experts at their craft and are just a call away. Call 04 343 7987 and book an appointment today.


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