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Flush away excess weight with our Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes. The light rhythmical massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, increases metabolism removes excess fluid and bacteria.

Benefits include:
• Aids detox as it encourages fluid flow in the connective tissues
• Encourages fluid circulation and cell regeneration
• Facilitates healing and supports the immune system
• Clears areas of congestion such as swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs
• Promotes scar tissue healing, torn ligaments and sprains
• Is great for post-operative healing
• Improves chronic conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis, acne and other skin conditions
• Last but not least, it is wonderful for relaxation!

Who can do this?
Someone who has problems of water retention in the body, swollen ankles, pregnant women, or someone who has excess weight as well. It is a must as a follow up for liposuction.

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SlimSpa is equipped with the latest medically approved machines, and every therapist is certified and trained with over 16 years of specialised experience.

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