Burning that fat away isn’t working out for you?

Try FREEZING it instead!

If you’re still struggling to get that perfect body, and all those hours toiling at the gym isn’t working for you, then fat freezing may just be what your body needs.

There’s a simple science behind CoolTech's fat freezing technology : Fat cells cannot survive under extreme cold!

So what Cooltech does, you pick a the spot in your body where you have stubborn fat, and we apply sub-zero temperature to it, without affecting your skin.

The fat cells in that area break down because of the cold and your body flushes it out naturally!


So here are 5 reasons why Cooltech is the most effective body contouring treatment!

Reason #1: CoolTech is NOT a weight-loss procedure

No, CoolTech doesn't promise to help you drop a dress size within just 1 session. CoolTech helps with targeted fat reduction. If you want to lose diet and workout resistant fat in a specific area of your body like your belly, thighs or arms, Cooltech helps you do just that. 

The prefect candidate for Cooltech is someone who’s pretty much healthy but has some stubborn fat in areas like the belly, thighs or arms that isn’t going away with diets and exercise. So that stubborn fat, that’s what we’ll work on and what you get, is a slim, contoured body!


Reason #2: Cooltech is NOT painful

 All you’re going to feel is slight discomfort and coldness in your treatment area as the machine sucks in your problem area and delivers cold temperature. After the procedure you maybe slightly sore and your skin reddish, but that’s it.

Reason #3: Cooltech is completely SAFE

Cooltech is absolutely safe! Tried, tested, FDA- approved and celebrity- endorsed. Because it’s  non-invasive, you don’t need any downtime and you can even hit the gym right after!

Reason #4: Once it’s gone, it’s gone for GOOD

Unlike other slimming treatments that require to you come in for multiple sessions to see results; CoolTech kills off all the fat cels in your treatment area. Once your body flushes out those fat cells, they're gone for GOOD! 

Reason #5: You lose cms

You can lose several cms with Cooltech! Some candidates see upto 5cm of reduction in their treatment area, after the first treatment itself. 

If you’ve been trying it all to get rid off that stubborn fat, then we think you should give CoolTech a shot. 

If you're interested in CoolTech, give us a call at 04 343 7987 to speak to our experts or schedule a free consultation using the form provided! 

At SlimSpa, we've been tackling stubborn fat for the past 18 years, and have seen tremendous results amongst our clients using natural, safe and highly effective methods of spot fat reduction.





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