Give your 2018 fitness goals a kickstart, with our 3-month LPG membership!

Now for AED 4,950! (original value of AED 10,800)

This membership gives you access to LPG sessions for 3 months, with a maximum limit of 3 sessions per week.

That means that you can enjoy up to 36 sessions during your membership (3 sessions per week x 4 weeks x 3 months).

You're only paying 137 per session, which would otherwise cost you AED 300. 


LPG is a body contouring safe, no-pain lipomassage and a perfect alternative to liposuction that can largely improve areas such as your hips, thighs or buttocks.

It helps in reducing centimeters in your problem areas with it’s triple action technique of toning, tightening and cellulite reduction, all in one go! LPG doesn’t just tackle water weight, it gets to the root of the problem.

With it’s deep massaging action, LPG shapes unwanted bulges by breaking down fat, gets rid of toxins that are built up & smoothes your skin to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

  • Reduces inches in problem areas
  • Breaks down fat cells for long term body contouring
  • Tackles cellulite, in addition to tightening & toning
  • Takes care of fluid & toxin build up

LPG has proven to show you visible results in terms of inch loss, firming of the body and tightening of the skin during the first few sessions itself. 


The 3-month LPG membership allows you to target it's triple action treatment over multiple problem areas of your body. If you’re looking at effectively managing cellulite in addition to toning & tightening your body for a longer period of time, then this package is meant for you! Plus, LPG is about action and maintenance, so signing up for 3 months will allow you to maintain it's results!

To book your package, fill in the form provided, or give us a call at 04 343 7987 to speak to our experts. 

SlimSpa is equipped with the latest medically approved machines, and every therapist is certified and trained with over 16 years of specialised experience.

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