Let’s get real.

We’re all on a fitness journey; some of us closer to our body goals and some of us… well, not so much.

We’ve tried it all, from squats and cardio to yoga and pilates. Even High Intensity Interval Training.

We’ve given up on junk food, compromised with salads and even sacrificed cheat days! But somehow no matter what we do, that stubborn belly fat just doesn’t budge.

If you’re close to giving up or just have no motivation anymore, keep reading. We have some interesting insights for you.

The one thing you absolutely need to understand is that no two bodies are the same and what works for most people may just not work for you. You can follow all those workout gurus on Instagram but their challenges and tips just won’t work.

Especially with belly fat!

Why? Because well...

  • It’s a complete myth that targeted exercising such as crunches and ab exercises help reduce belly fat. In order to lose belly fat completely, your entire body fat percentage needs to reduce which means you have to go through complete weight loss. And you have to sacrifice your beloved CURVES.
  • If you’re stressed out and have hormonal imbalance, then weight loss is just not going to happen! All thanks to Cortisol or the stress hormone, which actually contributes to belly fat gain. Making your diets worthless.

So have you been getting it wrong all along? Is your workout and diet just going down the drain?

The truth is, it kinda is!

Because belly fat is the most difficult fat to lose. It is tough and resistant to all your efforts. Belly fat doesn’t get affected by fad diets and targeted exercise. It will only start to reduce once the percentage of fat in your entire body has reduced completely. So basically you have to get rid of fat in your entire body before you start to lose belly fat.

So what can you do if you just want to lose a couple of inches around your waist ASAP?

Here’s where spot fat reduction treatments come into play.

There are several spot fat reduction treatments that deliver direct, targeted FAT loss. So these alternative slimming treatment do what those crunches and ab workouts should do for your belly.

The best treatment, according to us, is CoolTech

CoolTech has been featured in top magazines such as Elle, Allure, Marie Claire and Shape Magazine as an effective alternative slimming treatment.

CoolTech is a revolutionary Fat Freezing treatment that eliminates your fat cells. So you actually flush fat cells out of your body for GOOD! CoolTech does this by using cooling technology to safely freeze and kill fat cells underneath the skin.

The great news is that with this method, You absolutely don’t have to deal with needles, scalpels or endure pain and scars. And, you can pick the spots you need to lose fat, like belly or thighs. So your fat reduction is targeted and precise!

Of course, we completely understand your apprehension towards any sort of body sculpting treatments. But with Cooltech, you can actually go for your yoga class just hours after your treatment.

Because it’s non invasive, because it’s relaxed!

Because you can actually lose upto 5cm during 1 session itself!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it is true.

If you’ve been trying it all to get rid off that stubborn belly fat, then we think you should give CoolTech a shot. 

If you're interested in CoolTech, give us a call at 04 343 7987 to speak to our experts or schedule a free consultation using the form provided! 







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