Spot Fat Reduction – Not a myth anymore

Spot Fat Reduction – Not a myth anymore

If you did a simple google search about how to reduce fat from specific areas of the body, also known as Spot Fat Reduction, you will see article after article explaining why that is impossible.

However, if you asked us, we’d tell you that it can be done. How? With Slim Spa’s Spot Fat Reduction treatments, you can choose and reduce fat from specific areas of your body.

Does it work on love handles? Yes?

Stubborn chin fat? Yes.

Butt fat? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Many times, we have clients who complain about those dreaded last few pounds that refuse to budge. Spot Fat Reduction Treatment is a combination of state-of-art equipment and highly trained therapists who rid your body fat from those stubborn areas.

How does Spot Fat Reduction Treatment work?

CoolTech is a treatment that uses the science of Cryolipolis- a technology that freezes fat cells wherever it is applied. It is applied to the chosen area using a vacuum that keeps the body part between cooling panels for up to 70 minutes. This is a temperature-controlled treatment which puts the body into Apoptosis following which these frozen and now retired fat-cells are absorbed, processed, and flushed out of the body.

It should be noted that this process is different from Liposuction especially regarding loose skin which is a side effect found in the latter. Since Spot Fat Reduction takes a couple of months to reach its final stage, the affected areas will gradually tighten and appear toned, much like how it would look if you lost weight naturally.

Which areas can one get the Spot Fat Reduction Treatment on and what is the time-frame?

There’s only good news here. CoolTech can be used on most areas of the body depending on how big the fat pocket is. You can get this treatment on your stomach, inner or outer thighs, arms, love handles, bra flank, under butt rolls, and knees.

The timeframe of your treatment depends on the size of the area that is being treated. Small areas require a shorter duration than others. So one session can go from 40 to 70 minutes.

Will the fat come back?

No, the body continues to flush out the retired fat cells months after the treatment. You will start seeing results from up to 3 weeks after your first session.

Spot Fat Reduction is a safe, painless, and way to fight stubborn fat areas on your body. It is a great alternative to invasive, surgical treatments and promises up to 30% reduction of fat in the desired areas. Book a consultation with our CoolTech experts at Slim Spa and get closer to your dream body. Call 04 343 7987 today!


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