3 Things To Do After Your Fat Freezing Treatment

3 Things To Do After Your Fat Freezing Treatment

Our Fat Freezing treatment, Cooltech has already proven to be a real winner, with several of our clients having finally gotten rid of those stubborn pockets of fat in their tummy region, flabby arms & thighs.

While Cooltech is no less than miraculous, there are several things you can do after your treatment, to ensure that most of your stubborn fat is gone for good.


It’s simple!

Our CoolTech treatment works in 2 parts.

The first, is the actual treatment where fat cells are broken down during the fat freezing procedure.

The second, and this is the part that’s most often overlooked by both therapists and clients -  is flushing out of these broken fat cells from the body for good!

It's only when these broken down fat cells are flushed out of your body, the problem area becomes fat free with the assurance that fat will not re-accumulate in the area.

While your body will naturally flush out these fat cells, it'll only happen over a period of time, anywhere from weeks to months.

But, there are ways to boost this! Here’s how:

  1. Ensure that your therapist gives your treatment area a thorough massage immediately after the treatment.  This kickstarts the flushing off dead fat cells from the body and reduces the after effects of the treatment.
  2. Get Lymphatic Drainage Massages after your treatment.  Lymphatic Drainage Massages are specialized treatments that activate your lymph system to expel the broken down fat cells from your body. The faster these fat cells are flushed off from your body, the faster you’ll see results. Speak to your therapist about setting up a schedule of lymphatic drainage massages to see enhanced results from your CoolTech treatment. Once you’ve done the required to flush off the fat cells as well, there is a vital step left in your fat freezing journey.
  3. Ensuring the fat doesn’t come back!  And this largely depends on the lifestyle changes you make. If you eat poorly and don’t exercise, CoolTech will not stop you from gaining weight, even if it isn’t in the same area that you treated during the procedure.

Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active are important to keep up the results of CoolTech for long.

Follow these 3 steps and rest assured, your CoolTech treatment will be a HUGE success!

If you need a little extra advice on how to maximize your CoolTech results, speak to our slimming experts on 04 343 7987.

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