3 Ways To Achieve Your Body Shape Resolutions in 2016

3 Ways To Achieve Your Body Shape Resolutions in 2016

If, like many women, you’ve made some body shape resolutions for 2016, it’s important to stay on track to achieve them. The best way to achieve your body shape goals is to be realistic about what you can achieve – the good news is you’ve a full year to get there!

First things first – get a firm idea what you want to achieve. For many women it’s weight loss that’s the main motivator. For other women, reducing the appearance of cellulite is a key goal when they visit our spa.

While we offer a number of procedures to support your weight loss and body sculpting goals, it’s important to distinguish what procedure works best for the specific results you have in mind.

Overall Body Slimming

Looking to lose weight across your full body is a completely different matter than tackling fat in certain areas. A lot of people get this confused, and end up choosing the wrong treatment. For overall body slimming, one of best treatments is the Infra-red Slimming Tunnel.

This modern treatment induces infra-red radiations at safe frequencies to target fat, making it burn and hence and hence reducing it. Due to the fact that it is a tunnel, the weight is reduced from the overall body equally. The end result is a slim, smart shape.

Targeted Fat Reduction

If you have fat bulges, like belly fat or flabby arms, then what you are looking for is Targeted Fat Reduction. While there are various ways to achieve this, we offer non-invasive technologies like LPG (lipomassage) and Coolsculpt. These release diet and exercise-resistant fat and help destroy fat cells from the area.

The best part about such treatments are that they are risk-free and have no down-time. They offer a quick and easy solution to problems such as big thighs, flabby arms and protruding tummies. Based on the treatment you choose and the desired result, the number of sessions can vary and is recommended by your slimming expert.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is just one of those things that women can’t seem to avoid as they grow older. It is possible to have cellulite without having weight or fat problems.. Which is why it’s imperative to choose the right treatment to tackle the problem.

Some of the best techniques to reduce cellulite are through using Velasmooth or Venus B.E.A.M – these treatments stimulate the nervous system to promote muscle tightening and skin lifting. The result is toned skin with a reduced appearance of cellulite.

Still want to know more? Get a jump start on your 2016 goals by scheduling a consultation with our specialist – Call 04 343 7987 to book your appointment now.

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