Here’s Exactly What You Can Expect From Our Top 3 Treatments at SlimSpa

Here’s Exactly What You Can Expect From Our Top 3 Treatments at SlimSpa

At SlimSpa, we have a wide range of slimming solutions designed to help you achieve your desired slimming goals.

All our slimming treatments use the latest techniques, under experienced supervision, to help you get fantastic results.

But today we’ll talk about our top 3 treatments, which are highly popular when it comes to fat removal and body shaping.


Recommended for: spot fat reduction

Cooltech is one of the safest procedures that targets and freezes fat cells in specific parts of your body, eventually killing these cells. Once a fat cell is frozen, it starts to die and is then reduced by the body’s natural reduction process.

With 1 session of Cooltech, you can lose up to 5 cm. Undergoing recommended sessions further ensure any additional fat cells are reduced from the target area.


Recommended for: toning & tightening

The Combinal electrostimulation technique has proven time and again to be one of the most effective state of the art technologies for slimming, muscle toning, skin tightening and the loss of excess cellulite.

Fat deposits are reduced thanks to the unique method of relaxing and contracting the muscles using natural impulses. The Combinal device can achieve tremendous results in a short period, leaving you supple, firm and noticeably slimmer around the waist. With one session of Combinal you can lose up to 1cm immediately with single sessions. You can even lose up to 6-7 cms over the course of the 2 week plan.


Recommended for: inch loss

Cavitation is celebrated as the quickest way of reducing fat cells - without surgery. A modernized version of liposuction, it treats fat cells without any surgery or complex treatment procedure.

It uses low frequency sound waves to diminish the fat cells from targeted areas. The sound waves put pressure on the fat cells causing them to break into liquid form. This liquid is then washed off your body through regular metabolic activities. As it destroys fat cells in abundance, it even cuts down the chances of further fat storage in the body.

With Cavitation, you can lose up to 7 cm in 4 week plan and see 1.5-2 cm immediately after first session. Additional sessions further help in toning and shaping the body.

Interested in getting your desired body shape with one of our top 3 treatments?

Why not book a consultation with our slimming expert, who can help you design the perfect slimming program - call us on 04 343 7987 or book a consultation using the form below.

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