Losing Weight After Pregnancy – SlimSpa Client Plans

Losing Weight After Pregnancy – SlimSpa Client Plans

Losing weight after pregnancy is not something that happens naturally. Your tummy will have been stretched, and you are likely to have put on several pounds to ensure your baby is adequately nourished.

Luckily help is at hand. We here at SlimSpa are committed to helping you with losing weight after pregnancy, and we have several specially designed treatments to assist you with regaining your shape and managing your weight.

The one thing you should avoid is rushing with losing weight after pregnancy. When pounds are taken off too quickly through crash or fad dieting, you very often find:

• It can prolong your body’s natural recovery process
• Any weight loss gets put back on again very quickly when you stop crash dieting

Diet is an integral part of losing weight after pregnancy. But dieting alone won't help you to regain your shape. You will benefit from one or more of our SlimSpa treatments as well.

Spot fat reduction treatments target unwanted fat in specific areas of your body. Take our Cooltech therapy as an example.

The SlimSpa CoolTech treatment

CoolTech employs the use of Cryolipolysis. This is the science of fat freezing. The procedure freezes the fat cells in targeted locations. This makes the cells become inactive. Once frozen, your body then gets rid of the inactive cells through natural waste.

Your body will begin to evacuate any inactive cells within 15 days following the treatment. It will continue doing so for up to about three months.

Once the cells have been disposed of, they don’t come back. One single treatment helps with losing weight after pregnancy to the tune of between 20% and 25%.

The SlimSpa Eporex Mesotherapy treatment

Another SlimSpa treatment that is effective with losing weight after pregnancy is Eporex Mesotherapy. This tool enables you to target specific areas of your body from which to lose fat.

The secret of Eporex Mesotherapy is the machine we use that has been specially developed for this treatment. It introduces high concentrations of actives to the deep tissues that lay beneath the epidermis.

These actives are nutrient rich. Body cells use them to stop damage at the cellular level. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria, and support and promote collagen for improved skin elasticity.

This treatment also introduces hyaluronic acid into your cells. This substance encourages the circulation of important nutrients that benefit healthy skin cell conditioning.

Cooltech and Eporex Mesotherapy are only two of the many treatments we offer here at SlimSpa to assist with losing weight after pregnancy.

If you’d like our experts to create a customised post-pregnancy slimming plan for you, come in for a free consultation at our slimming center in Dubai.

Call 04 3437987 or book online to schedule your appointment with our slimming experts.

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