Top Slimming Treatments To Try – Client Favorites from 2018

Top Slimming Treatments To Try – Client Favorites from 2018

As the leading women's slimming centre in Dubai, we offer a large range of treatments. Over the years, we have noticed our customers come back for some treatments time and again. This year, we've identified five favourites; three machine treatments and two massages.

Favourite machine treatments: Cooltech, LPG & Cavitation

1) Cooltech

Cooltech is an excellent way of getting rid of fat in trouble areas without having to face an operation. This non-invasive weight loss machine freezes the fat cells under the skin. Once they are frozen, they die off and are absorbed naturally. Cooltech treatment is also very popular because it is the most affordable machine-based treatment out there.

2) LPG

LPG massaging is very popular because does three things in one; it helps fat loss, tightens the skin and tones. This triple action method quickly and safely reduces the appearance of stubborn cellulite. The rollers used by therapists for LPG activate your body's lymph and blood supply naturally. This stimulation expels harmful fluid buildup and helps prevent lumps from re-appearing.

3) Cavitation

A superb invention, cavitation is as effective as liposuction, but without the need for surgery. An ultrasound device uses invisible sonic waves to break down fat cells. Cavitation is becoming the top slimming treatment Dubai ladies prefer over other machine treatments. Benefits appear quite quickly, and problem areas are usually clear after between 10 and 20 treatments.

Favourite massages: Anti-cellulite & lymphatic drainage

4) Anti-cellulite massage

Dealing with cellulite is a priority of many slimming treatments. For women who don't like machine treatments, anti-cellulite massage is extremely popular. The human touch is applied expertly to work with your body and break down cellulite naturally. The deep pressure technique is much more effective and longer lasting than creams. The popularity of anti-cellulite massage Dubai wide proves it's a worthwhile treatment.

5) Lymphatic drainage

Our customers are often amazed by what we can achieve with lymphatic drainage massage. By stimulating the body's own cleansing system, you can prevent weight gain, improve your immune system and reduce water retention. These massage treatments are enjoyable as well as very effective.

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