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LPG Eye Lift Recommended for eye bags, dark circles, firmness, wrinkles

Results may vary from person to person

Results may vary from person to person

LPG Eye Lift

The eyes are one area that betrays our age, but a clever new procedure to lift and lighten the skin around the eyes can have a massive rejuvenating effect on your face as a whole. So if you want to discover the magical properties of an LPG Eye Lift, get in touch with SlimSpa for a consultation.

LPG Lift is like a workout for your eyes - it will tone, smooth and stimulate the skin and the connective tissue underneath to refresh the whole area around the eye and help alleviate black circles, that sunken look that comes with age and wrinkles that can form around the eye itself.

The LPG Lift is a deep skin massage that stimulates production of collagen and elastin, which firms the skin from within, helps to reduce any wrinkles and ease imperfections as the skin reinforces itself from beneath. That means it’s a much more long-lasting measure than creams designed to swell the skin.

The Lift 6 apparatus used for the massage comes with a variety of different settings for the face and other body parts and we can also use an ampoule full of anti-ageing ingredients that will give your skin an even greater lift.

For a consultation and to see just what an LPG Eye Lift can do for you, get in touch today on 04 343 7987.


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