Your Ultimate Guide to Coolsculpt Fat Removal

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Your Ultimate Guide to Coolsculpt Fat Reduction

Your Ultimate Guide to Coolsculpt Fat Reduction

February 1, 2016

Coolsculpt is a fat reduction technology that works by killing and reducing fat cells from stubborn reserves in the body. This is a way to tackle areas of fat that are hard to reduce through other methods, and it works by destroying fat cells in the area. It’s a non-invasive procedure and minimally painful, with a course of treatments usually recommended to complete the fat reduction process.

What does Coolsculpt do?

Coolsculpt is a body treatment designed to tackle stubborn fat reserves that just can’t be reduced by diet or exercise. Coolsculpt offers a way to target flabby bits such as saddlebags or enlarged male breasts without invasive surgery. It helps to reshape the body by reducing pockets of fat that are hard to otherwise get rid of.

How does the Coolsculpt procedure work?

Coolsculpt technology essentially freezes off fat from stubborn areas. It uses a highly controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis, which can target and then kill fat cells. This fat freezing treatment is non-invasive, using no knives or surgery. The adipose tissue is treated in a way which leads to lipolysis, the process where fat cells are broken down without causing any damage to other tissues. The procedure takes an hour and there’s very little recovery time required.

What is Coolsculpt fat freezing?

In Coolsculpt the treated fat cells get crystallised (frozen) and eventually they die over a week’s time.

Does Coolsculpt work?

Coolsculpt fat freezing is an extremely effective fat reduction technique that’s fast and non-invasive. Patients tend to see results in the first session itself, where 60-80% if the fat cells are reduced.

We suggest that clients interested in Coolsculpt or other fat reduction techniques have a consultation with one of our experienced team to understand what can be achieved using this technology.

You can book a Coolsculpt session now using our online booking form.

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